Where We Are Now: March 26, 2020

Work From Home — Day 11

Requesting 14 Minutes of Your Undivided Attention

5:15AM PST

Team – 

I pushed my good to great email to tomorrow. 

Today will be filled with tough news. The markets will open down.

Unemployment figures will be released and shock people. I thought about how to overcome this news with words of encouragement, and then Ed Lynch sent me some perspective last night!

Today I want to ask for 14 minutes of your time to watch this 2010 60 Minutes story. It needs no introduction other than perspective – and the magnitude of our current challenge vs. others in life.

I want to thank Ed Lynch, SVP, Marin County, for this contribution.

Let’s keep life in perspective! Do something extraordinary for someone today.


Mark A McLaughlin

Work From Home — Day 11 — Closing Bell

Closing and Cancellation Reports

5:05PM PST

Team – 

Dozens of amazing reactions to this morning’s 60 Minute video. Michelle Harris, SF office, responded “Best investment of 14 minutes I can imagine. thanks for sending.”

Most exciting news today was the details of the Federal Relief programs. C.A.R. issued this summary.

I continue to find consumer resolve, specifically to buy real estate, to be remarkable. Links below are for the most current Closing and Cancellation Reports as well at those dating back to when we started this twice-a-week reporting. In both NorCal & SoCal the March closing numbers have remained very solid at around 450 and 350 respectively. 

Although cancellations have indeed increased since March 11th in SoCal and March 15th in NorCal, our business remains very stable. Our Q1 2020 revenue results will likely exceed budget by 10 percent.

Our new escrow report is published every Friday at 5PM PST, so I will have this update for you late tomorrow to fuel weekend conversations with your clients. Isn’t every day a weekend now?


Mark A McLaughlin

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