Where We Are Now: March 27, 2020

Work From Home — Day 12

Good to Great

5:05AM PST

Team –

I am done watching the Futures and predicting the equity markets. Yesterday at 5AM DOW Futures were down 700 and opened up. I need to re-subscribe, pay the fees in arrears and reconnect with my crystal ball!

My comments today about good to great are my own. Many of them come from my passion of being an athlete. Athletics are what kept me in school, literally. I played soccer and lacrosse in high school and college. My scholastic motivation came not from learning but from competing. I had to learn (GPA) to compete. For me, a means to a competitive life.

I am aware that Jim Collins wrote a book called Good to Great. I have not read the book. Why? I struggle at reading – yet I seek greatness every day! I changed grade schools every year for 6 years until arriving in Marin County in seventh grade. I can’t imagine ever leaving Marin! I am so thankful for my parents’ vision, their empowerment of my life, my three sisters, our nine kids and my life with Monique!

Family first!

When people are tested, there are those that make life happen and those that let life happen to them! Think about these two statements. Pause. Reflect. Who are you? These are choices we all make every day.

In 2007 to 2011, the world was, again, tested. Here we go again in 2020. What is happening now is those with the passion, determination, vision, and the courage to advance/execute from good to great will prosper. The internal drive to ignore the noise, focus on client services, be present and proud. Deliver for you, your family, and your clients!

How many times have you been in a situation of a “great idea?” How many times have you executed on that idea? Did someone else execute on the same idea you had first? Great generally means getting to execution first.

We have very few rules or policy within our leadership team. We have one that we will never relax. When brainstorming a good idea, it’s everyone’s responsibility to debate and contribute to make it a GREAT idea and then execute with a standard of excellence.

So, in your role, business and life, how do you go from good to great? Now is the time. When others retreat, this is when promotions happen, relationships change, markets shift, and greatness happens.

How will you make greatness happen?

What is your greatness inside?

Share your story!


Mark A McLaughlin

Work From Home — Day 12 — Closing Bell

Business Outlook

6:30PM PST

Team – 

Will a weekend day be any different than a workday? For me, I am going to get some sleep, long bike rides and, to Robert’s suggestion, some sun if it shines. I’m overwhelmed with our team’s commitment, resilience and perseverance. You all rock!

Our March outlook remains stronger than last year and is now forecast at 755 units and $1.14 billion in volume. This is an increase vs. March 2019 actuals by +11.3% units and +5.5% volume. The outlook vs. budget is +4.1% units and -2.0% volume. NorCal will meet its March unit budget and be flat vs. 2019.  

In contrast, SoCal will exceed March 2019 unit budget by 32% and sales volume by 20%. Our California Commercial team has already closed more business in Q1 2020 than through June 30, 2019. 

As reported yesterday, we continue to experience higher than historical push and cancellations. Since last Monday March 16, we’ve observed approximately 10 cancellations per business day vs. 2 to 3 historical rate.    

All good news headed into what will be a very different 60 to 90 days. April 2020 looks to be -30% from April 2019. May and June are way too early to forecast.

Be confident in one thing for certain, Gary Kurotori’s Finance Team tracks the movement of every piece of information available. The faster you get us paperwork, the better our reporting. We need you to deliver deal-related paperwork within 24 hours of execution – listings, purchases, leases — everything.

I have had multiple requests for copies of these writings from WFH Day 1 – current day. Candidly, with my computer skills, it takes me longer to find them than to write them. So our amazing marketing team, JessicaTerri and Terry, created this micro-blog to make them all available to you and the industry for that matter. We are all in this together!

Our journey continues. I’m back Monday with a digital marketing update!

Enjoy your weekend.  

Mark A McLaughlin

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