Beware: Home-Insurance Premiums Double on Second Claim

Homeowners take heed: Filing a single property claim with your insurance carrier can drive your premiums higher than you might guess.treedownstorm

Homeowners across the country who file a claim for any reason can expect their premiums to rise an average of 9 percent, according to a report by Those who make a second claim will fork over an average of 20 percent extra.

California homeowners take an even bigger hit, with premiums increasing an average of 18 percent after a single claim, the fifth highest rate in the U.S.

“Homeowners need to be really careful when filing claims,” Senior Analyst Laura Adams said in a statement accompanying the report. “Even a denied claim can cause your premium to go up. Make sure to know your policy’s specific guidelines and only file a claim when absolutely necessary. Winning a small claim could actually cost you money in the long run.”

Some types of claims are more expensive than others. Nationally, the priciest are liability claims. A single liability claim, such as one resulting from a personal injury, causes premiums to rise by an average of 14 percent, followed closely by theft, vandalism, and fire claims. Medical claims see the smallest increase — 2 percent, on average.

Nationwide, home insurance costs an average of $978 per year, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners says, so a single liability claim could cause annual premiums to increase an average of $137.

CNNMoney reports that it can be difficult to get insurance premiums lowered once claims have been filed. The main culprit is the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange, a database that enables insurers to research any auto- and property-insurance claims a consumer has filed in the past seven years. Since all insurers have access to the database, homeowners’ rates may remain elevated even if they switch providers.

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