Where We Are Now: May 7, 2020

Work From Home — Day 52

Southern California Team — The California Vision

5:15AM PST

Team –

Watching Pat Heller host Robert Reffkin yesterday inspired so much thinking, reflection, and an amazing source of pride about “teamwork.” Specifically, teamwork in California!

I reflect on 2015, when we made our first investment in Gibson International, led by Scott Gibson and Pat Heller. We did so quietly, without the typical industry press or an internal announcement to PUI in NorCal. The investment was strategic in nature. It was a launching pad to geographic growth to SoCal. Today’s interview was an amazing reminder of how our California team has come together.

Merging cultures is not simple. It’s all about people. People are different, always. The path to great mergers of culture is not marginalizing values to make everyone happy; it’s about raising vision to new heights. We all aspire to leadership – bring it on – we love leadership.

So, our journey to expand in SoCal was about our vision for the Ultimate California Real Estate Company. Follow up investments were in John Aaroe Group, Chartwell Escrow, Partners Trust, and ultimately Escrow Trust Advisors. The best of the best! Think of the people power in this combination.

Now, we engage the Compass platform to drive performance. Pause for a moment and think about the power of the platform. Especially in this now digital open house environment. If you do nothing else in SIP, make sure these assets are fully deployed in your business:

As Robert and Pat closed out their hour together, they agreed the most favorable leverage point we all have from the Compass platform is to fully engage with the CRM. This is the key to your sphere and digital marketing platform: relationships and referrals. Robert and Pat agreed it would be a failure not to engage with your CRM to assist in your business.

Dive deep in training on the CRM and beyond. The prepared quickly propel from good to great!

Our team has embraced so much change. I am appreciative of every single person’s vision, commitment, and performance. We had to earn your permission through our performance. Thank you for your trust, respect, and loyalty.

Greatness follows post-SIP, I promise.

This is Where We Are Now.



Mark A McLaughlin

Work From Home — Day 52 — Closing Bell

Pending, New Escrows, and Closings

5:00PM PST

Team –

A remarkable few days in new business generation. We have generated 70 new escrows since Monday evening. Fairly evenly split in NorCal and SoCal.

Chartwell Escrow had an amazing start to the week with over 100 new openings. Vince Foley, President, Chartwell Escrow and his dynamite team of business development executives and escrow officers has quickly transformed the business to attract significant refinance escrows. Well done Chartwell.

We had 16 cancellations in SoCal, above normal, and six in NorCal, below normal. Remember, SoCal went into SIP 10 days behind NorCal, so hopefully this is the last we see of high cancellations in SoCal.

May closings are approaching 500 units, and this is day 7 of the month. Can we hit 550 or 600 and outperform SIP-April 2020? Bring it on!

Please remember why we are circulating this information. It’s so you can have the facts at your fingertips to communicate with confidence with your clients.

Tomorrow morning, I am writing about the power of information and its accuracy. The impact on your business can be remarkable. I will also be asking you for a favor. Stay tuned!

This is Where We Are Now.



Mark A McLaughlin

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