Where We Are Now: May 29, 2020

Work From Home — Day 73

Richer and the Path Forward Tuesday at 2PM – Don’t Miss

5:15AM PST

Team –

On April 20thWFH Day 36 I bet you all we were closer to the end of SIP than the beginning. I am calling First Republic Bank today to get 2,300 clean crisp $1 bills as I lost the bet! Line forms to the right and I’ll have the $1 bills as we begin to gather again.

The core of my message that day was “what is your plan?” 

What are your goals and related strategies? Remember, hope is not a strategy! 

Strategy needs clear, quantitative goals and a focus on execution. Start focusing on coming out strong about the new habits you love and then ones you don’t.

Tuesday’s Path Forward at 2PM will be one to remember. I must say I am looking forward to our guests and their perspectives as much as anyone.

  • Michael D. SelfridgeChief Banking OfficerFirst Republic Bank will lead off with a unique perspective on the US banking and real estate markets. One of the finest financial institutions in the world and our “go to lender” for California jumbo loans.
  • Ryan McKevenyCFA and DirectorZelman & Associates will follow with a national perspective on the real estate industry. His work caters to institutional investors, real estate services executives and other industry participants.

We are so very fortunate to have these perspectives Tuesday at 2PM on the Path Forward. Don’t miss it!

This weekend seems to be shaping up with similar intensity to last weekend. Our markets are ferociously busy.

This is Where We Are Now.



Mark A McLaughlin

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