Where We Are Now: January 19, 2021

Peaceful Power

6:09AM PST

Team – 

I am hopeful you enjoyed some time outdoors over the Martin Luther King holiday. I enjoyed a day of skiing with my daughter Whitney, and Monique completed day one of an all Women Ski Camp in Jackson Hole, WY. We definitely enjoyed the outdoors.

It sure seems to me more like the fifth quarter of 2020 than a fresh new start to 2021. The headlines and occurrences in our first 18 days of the year are certainly bizarre, intimidating and some scary.

Tomorrow is a meaningful day in America. A tradition of the peaceful transfer of power of the POTUS. If I have only one wish for this year, it is that tomorrow will indeed be peaceful and the beginning of a new time in our history books. It is a tragedy that our National Guard is mobilizing as a preventative measure to non-peaceful protests. Our nation is THE beacon for democracy in the world. Our nation is THE beacon for peaceful expression of political views. These are attributes of our country that men and women have died to protect. The forces threatening these beacons have historically been foreign, not domestic.

What has happened in our country to bring us to this point?

During the first 100 days of the pandemic and SIP, our team demonstrated elements of compassion for our teammates and clients that was most impressive. You will recall we meet people “where they are.”  Not a physical place but an emotional place. It is time again to mobilize compassion, understanding, and discipline to get to the end of this pandemic as smart as we are able.

There are so many people around the world that need assistance. They need medical attention, financial stimulus and emotional support. While we cannot personally deliver on all of these needs, compassion does go a long way.

Whether you are a supporter of our outgoing president or the incoming president, tomorrow will bring change. Tomorrow will go down in our history books. It is truly my hope the National Guard will be the “Maytag Repairman” and literally prove to be an unnecessary precaution
Bring compassion to tomorrow as we witness again the peaceful transfer of power.

This is “Where We Are Now.”



Mark A McLaughlin

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