What’s Happening This Week: October 21, 2019

LA Greater Area

Why is ancient knafeh the latest LA thing?

What's Happening This Week: October 21, 2019
Courtesy of LA restaurant Jaffa

It’s been a Middle East treat since the 10th Century – but cheesy, sweet, buttery knafeh is suddenly super-hot in LA. Here’s where to find the best, from ultra-traditional versions to (seriously) knafeh-topped ice cream.

The ghostliest hotels in LA

What's Happening This Week: October 21, 2019
Chateau Marmont | iStock

Most ghosts like hotels. Ours are no exception, as these tales, some backed by eyewitness reports from managers and maintenance workers, prove. Some haunts are now apartments, but it hasn’t curbed the paranormal partying.

LA’s most unique streets

What's Happening This Week: October 21, 2019
View from the Self-Realization Fellowship | Sandi Hemmerlein​​​​​​

The shortest. The steepest. The roundest. The, uh, birdiest. These streets may not be as famous as Rodeo Road or the Route 66, but they all have fascinating stories to tell. Get yourself in gear: it’s time for a pretty weird ride.

Seeking the bottomless brunch

What's Happening This Week: October 21, 2019
Santa Monica restaurant Margo’s

Sometimes it’s just one of those weekends: The “keep ‘em coming” kind. Fortunately, countless restaurants across the basin are only too happy to oblige. P.S The food runs the gamut from respectable to exceptional. 

The San Francisco Bay Area Area

Don’t forget your proton pack

What's Happening This Week: October 21, 2019
The Winchester Mystery House | iStock

Everyone has heard stories about haunted houses. At these four historic Bay Area properties—from San Jose’s Winchester Mystery House to Benicia’s Southern Pacific Railroad Depot—you can measure the paranormal vibes for yourself. Plus, they’re all just really cool buildings. 

Spirits of San Francisco

The Sidecar at Bix. The Irish Coffee at Buena Vista. The Chinese Mai Tai at Li Po. 7×7 put together a list of the 50 most iconic cocktails in San Francisco. And just like The Progress’ Manhattan, it goes down smooth. 

Cardio with a view

It was only a matter of time in a city obsessed with both fitness and pop-ups… Dryft, the new San Francisco–based mobile gym that packs 36 workout stations on the back of a solar-powered semi-truck, allows for waterfront exercise at Ocean Beach and Marina Green.

Do we have to do the Macarena?

What's Happening This Week: October 21, 2019
Courtesy of The 90s Experience

It’s hard to believe for the 40-somethings out there, but the 1990s have entered into the realm of nostalgia. The 90’s Experience, a new pop-up museum in Oakland’s Jack London Square, lets visitors revisit the days of floppy disks and Nirvana, the Fresh Prince and pagers. One exhibit highlight among many on this trip down memory lane: the orange couch from “Friends.”

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