San Francisco Housing Market Update, October 2011

In counterpoint to setting our clocks back this time of year, we should move our thinking forward in terms of buying and selling opportunities that frequently abound – – right under our noses. Our current Monthly Market Update shows that many wise buyers and sellers are doing just that: note that the number of homes (single family, condos and TICs) put into contract as of our October reporting date took a substantial leap over September numbers. And as we slide into the Holidays, many other wise buyers and sellers will take advantage of a propensity of their neighbors (read: prospective competitors) to kick back and put things on hold ‘til after Super Bowl.

So while others party (or hibernate), the perceptive among us seize the prospects and opportunities that arise during the so-called “slow season.” Bring it on.

(figures as of October 31, 2011)

San Francisco monthly market update

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