launches – and why that’s a big deal for you

Today I am happy to announce the launch a completely new version of our company Website,

This is a big deal for us here at Pacific Union International. We invested a great deal of time, money and care into this project.

But what I want to tell you – and what I hope you will see when you visit the site – is that this new web site is a big deal for you.

When we started, we knew the new web site had to be an excellent expression of our brand and the professionals who bring it to life. But more importantly, it had to deliver an extraordinary experience to every property buyer, seller or owner who touched it.

I think we’ve done that. Here are just three of the reasons why:

A better property search experience

Here’s the problem we saw with searching for a home online:

Big online sites like, Zillow and Trulia have lots of cool features and sites that are easy to use. But they are loaded with ads and often do not have all the listings in the areas in which you may be searching.

Real estate company websites have all the listings – updated daily, direct from the MLS – but usually deliver a jumbled and confusing user experience.

Our idea: Nail the user experience and features and deliver all the listings.

That’s a big deal for you.

Market data, updated daily, at the neighborhood level

How’s the market?”

It’s the question our real estate professionals are asked most often – and one real estate companies answer very poorly online. Market data is often out-of-date. And it is usually presented at the county, city or ZIP Code level, which makes it essentially useless in a market where conditions very widely by neighborhood.

Our idea: Deliver detailed yet easy-to-understand market data for every neighborhood we serve based on daily information pulled straight from the MLS.

That’s a big deal for you.

Neighborhood profiles that help answer the question “Can I live here?”

We know and you know that the process of buying a home is as much about finding a community where you can live a life as it is about finding a home. But most real estate company websites only help you with half of that search.

Our idea: Offer detailed profiles of every neighborhood we serve filled with professional photos that capture the essence of a place, fluff-free descriptions, a map on which you can view neighborhood amenities and comprehensive information on neighborhood schools.

That is a big deal for you.

Our interests, aligned

Most real estate companies are wary of giving you so much information. Somehow, this is viewed as being contrary to their interests.

That makes no sense to us.

Our brand promise is to deliver extraordinary real estate experiences. That includes the experience you have with us online.

Your interests and our interests are aligned. Always. Whether that’s across the closing table or through the screen.

Enjoy the new Website.

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