Celebrating Black History Month with Our Compass Community 

This is part two of our Black History Month feature – check out the first in our sequence here.

Black History Month is a time to remember and celebrate the legacy of Black leaders, creators, and barrier-breakers that have and continue to push the needle towards progress and equity. This year, we are dedicating our programming to investment — how we can invest in the Black community, today, tomorrow, and every day.

To celebrate this month we asked our Compass community, both agents and employees, to share what Black History Month means to them and how being a part of Compass allows them to grow professionally and cultivate community. 

What does Black History Month mean to you?

Karmen Martin Senior Compass Recruiter

“Black History Month, to me, is a time where creators and pioneers of this country receive their proper recognition for their sacrifices, impact, and innovation in the US. It is a moment in time where we thrive in the achievements of our ancestors and absorb what we may not see in historic textbooks, or hear outside of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). It is a time to display gratitude and reverence to all of the conveniences, opportunities, and freedom that we have today.” – Karmen Martin, Senior Recruiter

Victoria Schultz Compass Associate Marketing Manager

“To me, Black History Month means not only celebrating the biological half of me that is African-American, but also learning about the culture of my ancestors from others. I was adopted in Germany as a baby by my amazing parents, who are both white, so this knowledge is not something that was readily available. Having this time to acknowledge and learn has been so impactful.” – Victoria Schultz, Associate Marketing Manager

Why did you choose to work at Compass? What is your favorite part about your job?

Pam Hughes Compass Onboarding Specialist

“I choose to work at Compass because of the people. I have worked with some of the best managers and colleagues who helped shape my career thus far. I have the pleasure of helping people be their authentic selves and yet, thrive to be and do so much more. I love making a difference that truly matters to leadership. Who doesn’t want to be part of something like that!” – Pamela Hughes, Onboarding Specialist

Joske Thompson Compass Agent

“Compass is providing me with some of the best of the best of the tools to make our careers easier, more efficient, and more effective – especially with the Business Plan platform. Having status of more than 38 years as a real estate broker, my top recommendation would be to complete your Business Plan every year. This tool will give your focus and determination to succeed. Whatever your passion in life may be, introduce it to your real estate practice.” – Joske Thompson, Agent

Sherwin Banfield Compass IT Specialist

“I choose to stay at Compass because of my team, our leadership and I believe in the company’s principles and values. Since onboarding at Compass I have been fortunate to work and develop genuine relationships with such a gifted and talented team. Each member contributes their years of experience in their own unique way. This creates an incredibly deep resource of knowledge that is accessible through Compass’ many streams of technological communication. My experience with our leadership team here at Compass has been one of utmost respect and appreciation, for the way leadership communicates, knowledge shares, inspires and listens. Here at Compass, there exists a culture of community and understanding and a sensitivity towards community, identity and humanity in the workplace which creates a sense of belonging to the Compass family. It encourages me to contribute more of myself, my talents and my story. Compass is truly a unique company and I believe it comes from the top down.” – Sherwin Banfield, IT Specialist

How do you celebrate Black History Month?    

Keith Gates Compass Agent Experience Manager

“Celebrating black history month reminds me to appreciate the excellence, culture, history, and recognition of all the people who have come before me. There are many people of color that have created a path for my future, whether it be family members, artists, civil rights leaders, the list goes on.  Black history is not only just one month, but it is a reminder every day for me to continue to strive for change, think differently, and be grateful for what my ancestors have done to provide opportunities.” – Keith Gales, Agent Experience Manager

MIchelle Covington Real Estate Agent

“ALL YEAR LONG! Although February is a great time to celebrate and allows for a lot of great teaching opportunities to share our history and major accomplishments of many African Americans. Black History is American History and is part of our fabric, our story, our heritage. I love teaching my daughter about her ancestors and the strength and faith that they held onto overcoming many obstacles. I have an eleven year old and my daughter is aware that many have come before her and have paved the way and have been trailblazers both past. I celebrate Black History Month today and everyday as it cannot be contained to a month and is an integral part of our American Culture and the fabric of who we are and who we are becoming.” – Michelle Covington, Agent

I am proud to be Black because… 

Teniko Hassell Agent Experience Manager

“I’m proud to be Black because it’s beautiful. Despite all the obstacles we face and hardships we endure, we are still able to smile, create cultural moments that are timeless and shine bright!” – Teniko Hassell, Agent Experience Manager

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