At the Ready with a Chilled Glass

Memorable service can be a simple, unexpected act. It doesn’t require hours of preparation or million dollar investments in training. In fact, as I learned the other evening, it can be as simple as a perfectly timed, perfectly chilled glass.

We are reminded everyday that extraordinary service matters. We know that service can—and should—be the distinguishing characteristic of a great brand. And that maxim is as applicable to people as it is to companies.

Take an airline flight. Generally, a flight takes off and lands on time, but while in the air the flight is generally off course 90% of the time. But it’s not the navigation of the experience (think the real estate transaction) that leaves the lasting impression, whether good or bad. Rather, it’s the actual timeliness and delivery contrasted with expectations (of an on-time flight) that makes a difference in most flyers’ minds.

Recently, I was out with colleagues when one ordered a martini. It arrived chilled—as expected. Then, halfway through the cocktail, the waitress stopped by with another chilled glass. Totally unexpected. Totally impressive. Costly? No. Thoughtful? You bet. And you can be sure, it left a memorable impression with all the guests at the table.

As you explore real estate resources and make choices about the agent or firm you want to represent you, consider which will provide the most memorable experience? Who will exceed your expectations? I know PUI will.

Mark A. McLaughlin


Pacific Union International — Christie’s International Real Estate

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